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Star Doll

Filed in Busy Life Poems, Life Poems, Love Poetry, Mom Poetry by on April 29, 2009 0 Comments • views: 2627

Now that I laid her down to sleep
I thought finally,
I can go get something to eat
so carefully I tip-toed down the hall
that’s when I heard her little voice call,
“mommy, wait I’m not sleeping yet!”
she started to cry,
and was predictably upset
“aww my baby doll, please don’t cry,
I was just going to check your star in the sky”,
“here, let’s go make sure it’s still there”
as she stared out she worried,
“I don’t see it anywhere”,
“Honey, look up to the right,
it’s your midnight sun,
it’s named after you, my beautiful one”,
With night time now, your star doll’s in bed,
“But mommy, the starlight is on,
it’s her daytime”, she said,
“No my sweet, it’s not daytime blue
and while your star doll is sleeping
she watches over just you
As she yawned, she said,
“I’m really tired now Mom,
in the morning will my star doll bring me the sun?”
“Yes it will”, I answered as I tucked her in tight
then thanked the sky for a cloud-free night

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak

Star Doll:
A nighttime poem for a little girl who has her very own star in the sky, named for her.

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