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Too Deep

My husband says my poems are too deep
Complains they are too elusive
So forgive me please
This one’s for him
I’m keeping it simple for stupid!

Twenty long years ago I was struck by cupid
Got me right through the heart
Grown wiser since then
Tore it down to size
Now it’s a three inch dart

Don’t get me wrong you’re a fabulous guy
And I’ll always love ya honey
But if I had to do it over again
I’m telling you straight
I’de have to do it for money

Worry not my sweet you will always be
My little balding eagle
You’re always there
With your food dish in hand
Much like Charlie’s Beagle

I’ll stop teasing you
after all you gave me four perfect sons
They’re gorgeous like a seaside tide
Don’t get excited babe
You must have figured out
They get that from my family’s side

Ok Ok I’ll say something nice
You really are a great father
But before your head swells
Remember this, it takes a real man
To make a daughter

So this love poem is for you
All these compliments yours to keep
Can you tell how much
You’re appreciated now
Or was I just a little too deep!

From “the wife” (hee hee)
“You know I love ya honey”

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak

Poem, Joke: Alright, I wrote this as a joke for my husband. He finds my poetry too deep, so I decided to dedicate this “simple” poem to him. Ha! Ok, he laughed. I mean really! when I have to create a grade school poem for the hubster to appreciate it…I give up. Not. So this is for the man of my dreams *ahem*.

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  1. Suchaita Tenneti says:

    AMAZING! i totally loved this one! fantastic piece. i loved the rhyme, the flow everything. really made me laugh. extremely hard to write a funny love poem without giving in to cliches and this one was just perfect!

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