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A Poem About Being Disconnected From the One You Love

While I Breathe

He loves me

He left me long ago

I see him every day,

The morning coffee,

the tasks, the projects,

He’s happy being widowed

while I still breathe,

Did he leave

or did I die

living a life of lies amidst

intermittent sprinkles

of candy, not enough to

rotten your teeth,

just enough to remind you

that the taste is sweet,

and keep you aching

for just one more,

preventing you from

opening that front door,

But the ultimate question remains

Am I alive?

or did I succumb to the pain,

or am I just lonely,

bordering insane,

reluctantly waking up once again,

rinsing and repeating,

wondering if it will change?

©Barbara Tremblay Cipak

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