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The Artists Legacy – Supporting the Arts

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The story lyrics of the artists’ soul
imagined, lived or dreamed,
Brought first to paper then sung in glory,
then painted on a screen,
Are not the passions for just one season
rather imprinted for lasting time,
and we view the story over and over
when we buy their music online

The artist’s legacy first branded then released
portrays a generation colored in song,
we remember our life in the sentences they write
and we’re sent back to a place long gone,
As owners of their work, now on our playlist,
even though it’s posted online,
we’ve generously supported tomorrows creative
since we bought it today with our dime

Ownership of an artists’ music collection,
is our treasure to pass along
this musical canvas of our humble life,
grows into a history lesson through song

Careers in the Arts, made possible with our support
allowing a future virtuoso to design
can be our small contribution to the human fabric,
that can last well beyond our own time

by Barbara Tremblay Cipak, Copyrighted

A Poem Honoring the Arts and the Artist: Perhaps we ourselves will have, or already have an artistic child, friend, or another relative who will make their living in the Arts. Our support keeps their opportunities alive.

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