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She Knew

Before he was born, she knew
His hair would be blond, and his eyes would be blue
despite the darker locks of her other two
she knew

A God-given blessing, she knew
Her love for her son would reach beyond true
Before her father passed into the dew
he left her life’s secret
his gift being her clue
Though not understanding it then,
Instinctively she knew

Although her little brother passed years before, she knew
Her son was God’s blessing, not sent in his lieu
Each spirit like one but visited by two,
she knew

Her son’s arrival, so glorious a day, she knew
His spirit clearly heavens voice reaching through
She then understood her father’s last clue
“Release yesterday’s pain to the Holy Spirit’s hue”
She always knew

by Barbara Tremblay Cipak, Copyrighted

Poem about a Premonition:

Poem about a Premonition: This poem is for my friend and how she expressed the challenging events of her life. Her great loves are her friends and family, especially her son, father, and brother.┬áHer father and brother had passed years ago. Still, now older and wiser, she is grateful for her blessings and, despite her tremendous loss, is emotionally tenacious and guided by compassion. One interesting tidbit: she knew she would have a blond-haired boy before her son was born and after having three daughters. You guessed it, she did have that boy. She believed in all her being that this son was coming to her. It so happened that her son’s arrival into this world occurred when her father was exiting – she knew.

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