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The Butterfly Dance – A Poem about Having Faith in Yourself and Embracing the True You

The Butterfly Dance

Chasing dreams like butterfly hunters

calculated swings or a free sweeping swoosh

Destiny defined with mathematical precision

or passions tasted in sips, like wine

Opposing forces threaten clarity

but worse steal time from dreams

Our soul embraces truth

only speaking when we listen

Haunting sounds of the harp

call us to our plan

Do we assess the instrument

or hear soothing angels play the answers

With magical sounds of the intangible hugging us

Do we squeeze tightly

whimsically swaying to the butterfly dance

hoping to discover

the ultimate scientific formula,


By Barbara Tremblay Cipak

Poem about Faith in Yourself: This poem is for those times in our lives when we may be guilty of over-analyzing our purpose. You know, the times when you think to yourself..” I have these dreams”…but “So what”..” So does everyone else, what makes mine so special.” That’s when sometimes we try to calculate our dreams, sort of figure them out, like a physics question. Thus begins the debate in our mind, do we forge ahead with our hearts, or do we calculate every step along the way to make them come true. But the big question is, will they come true? Am I worthy, am I passionate enough?

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