Miracles From the Soul – A Poem about Feeling Peaceful and Calm on the Inside

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Miracles from the Soul

I’m feeling so much beauty around me,
I’m busting out at the seams,
Moments of joy
Remembrance of things not tangible
Things real
Moments lived with blazing glory and sunshine smiles
Transference of these moments to this time now
In seemingly unrelated bits of joy
Watching a TV show
Remembering joy,
Typing a word
Feeling that joy,
Unexpected bliss
A complete life summation
Of only moments joyous
Glowing gifts without explanation
Miracles coming straight from the soul

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak

This poem is about inner peace. Do you have moments in life when out of the blue, a burst of happiness and peace swarm over you for no apparent reason? Have these moments come over you even during tough times? In other words, these feelings of peace, that momentarily consume you, shouldn’t be happening based upon the pressure-filled things you’re going through. Well go figure, I’ve had many of these moments during my life, and I am grateful for them. They’re truly a gift. I’ve named these unexpected moments of peace, Miracles from the Soul. I hope you have many miracles from your soul. Just taking a guess, I believe I penned this one to paper in the 1990s, in my mid-thirties.

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  1. You are a shining spirit blessing us with your presence. I am so grateful for having known you and thank you for sharing this beautiful, comforting poem.

  2. Nancy, thanks so much for all your support, hugs to you

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